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CIM Vancouver Student Night (Sponsor)

Resourceful Paths was a Bronze Sponsor for the 2018 annual CIM Vancouver Student Night.

The aim of Student Night is to connect UBC, SFU, and BCIT Students within the Mining and Earth Sciences programs with Industry Professionals for an evening of excellent networking and the presentation of thousands of dollars in scholarships, awards and prizes for Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

The night featured a through provoking presentation by Dr Mike Davies, a leading expert in the mine waste management field. After more than 25 years in consulting engineering, Mike joined Teck Resources as their VP Environment which was a role he held for more than five years. Starting in late 2017, he began a phased retirement where he current acts as the Senior Advisor, Tailings and Mine Waste, with Teck. He is also chair of the Mining Association of Canada’s Tailings Working Group.


Some of the largest and potentially most impactful engineered facilities in the world are the mining industry’s tailings impoundments. While technical issues are important for the proper design, construction and operation of these facilities, the human element has the potential to have an equally (or more) important role in their success or failure. This is particularly true given the service life and perpetuity closure period involved. Using the backdrop of several tailings facility failures in recent years, we will discuss just how important the human element is and the role governance plays. In particular, the roles of effective communication and regular independent reviews are emphasized – areas that are of critical importance for any mining related career.