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COM2017 Conference of Metallurgists, Energy and Eco-Efficiency in Mining and Processing Symposium, Vancouver (presenter)

Please let me know if you'll be coming to COM2017.

I will be presenting a paper titled: 

Integrated Mining and Processing Systems Design for Eco-Efficiency

The abstract is as follows:

The mining industry faces increasing economic, environmental and social challenges, as easier deposits deplete and ores become more difficult to mine and process; head grades decline; projects migrate to increasingly remote and difficult geographies; and the industry faces more stringent environmental and social standards. While these factors increase costs and risks, they also present opportunities for a more integrated approach to mining, processing, materials handling and waste management. Two key areas of risk are in tailings and water management. As mining and processing tonnage rates continue to increase, the disturbance footprints, water and energy consumption and scale of tailings storage facilities also rise. These factors can be mitigated by more selective mining, ore sorting and pre-concentration, and more intensive tailings dewatering. Such alternatives must be considered in conjunction with the selection of mining method, metallurgical flowsheets, major equipment selection, and key process design criteria. For example, increasing the grind size of a concentrator reduces energy consumption and eases tailings dewatering, but may cause challenges with metal recovery. Emerging technologies will be reviewed, and economic and environmental trade-offs for eco-efficient alternatives will be presented for metal sulfide mines.

See the paper here.

See the presentation slides here.

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